Hello, my name is Louis Mori. I live in Osakikamijima, which is a small island located in the middle of the Seto sea in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. I came to this island in the autumn of 2010. Before coming here, I've worked for 11 years as a police officer in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police female motorcycle troop. I decided I needed a change in my life and wanted to become a wedding planner so I got divorced and began to start a new life on Osakikamijima after visiting an old friend from college.


I now live in an 80 year old house here in Osakikamijima. It was an opportunity that I decided to meet with this house in the first place that you have lived on this island. When you are thinking about immigration to the island, you will find this house vacant Bank of Hiroshima, I immediately decided to buy because it was the amount that can be purchased with retirement money. Amounts that do not change with the studio apartment rent for three years, also that so you can buy a nice house, in the city It is the charm of rural life.


I have named the house the "House of Louis". It`s a very large house to live in on your own so I have been accepting guests from all over the world through the WWOOF program. As a host in the WWOOFprogram I allow people to stay at the "House of Louis" and provide them with meals in exchange for their help with my projects on the island. So far I`ve had WWOOFers from many places such as England, the United States, France, Denmark and Taiwan.

The WWOOFers usually stay around a week or two and I feel its a good experience for both me and the WWOOFer, its good fun to meet people from other ways of life and I think we both learn a lot from each other.


I now run a small cafe called antenna in the heart of Osakikamijima where locals and tourists alike can come and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of Osakikamijima.

Here at antenna we serve freshly brewed coffee and a variety of tea`s from ceylon to earl grey. In addition to drinks we have a small food menu with Italian style sandwiches, American waffles and freshly baked pastries from the local bakery.

We also sell various food products from around the world such as Italian pasta and biscotti, English shortbread and Canadian Maple syrup.

Please come to Osakikamijima and experience a place rich with natural beauty and little known to many tourists. I look forward to meeting you!